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We work with referring professionals and individuals to find the best & most appropriate treatment experience based on client need. We achieve this by working alongside behavioral healthcare providers, families and individuals as advocates for the client, keeping front of mind their clinical and personal needs. We have access to and work with a broad spectrum of ethical, clinically-driven facilities and programs around the country with expertise in mental health concerns, substance abuse issues, eating disorder treatment, and trauma-based care.

Our team is strategically placed across the country so we can understand the needs and be true members of the communities we help. As a free resource to clinicians, families, employer groups, and individuals in need, we strive to not only create better access to treatment, but empower individuals to feel increased engagement with their treatment choice; yielding better program fits for clients and positively impacting their recovery journey.

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Client-Centered Approach

The Treatment Placement Specialists® team of Acadia Healthcare is dedicated to putting the client first in all we do. We work alongside behavioral healthcare providers to help them navigate the treatment landscape so they are their clients feel confident in their treatment choice. We believe clients should feel empowered in their choice for where they start or continue their recovery journey. Each Treatment Placement Specialist will always do what is in their power to provide as much education and clarity around the treatment guidance they provide.

Pre-Treatment Consultation

We believe clients can be engaged with their treatment and recovery before residential or stepdown treatment even begins. Each TPS provides education and tailored treatment guidance to referents and families so that clients can be empowered to take ownership of their program choice, increasing the likelihood that their personal goals of recovery will be achieved. Our goal is to provide clients and referents confidence in the treatment center they choose to work with so that clients have a foundation of a desire for well-being upon admission.

Vetting Programs

As the TPS team, we exist to not only guide individuals in navigating treatment options that are a fit for their individual needs, but to ensure that the treatment options presented are ethical and clinically sound. Our team will never refer to a treatment center that has not been personally visited and vetted by one of our TPS team members located across the country. This is true for all levels of care including residential, stepdown such as IOP and PHP, and local outpatient services.

Access to a Nationwide Network of Trusted Programs

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all treatment. Since each client has individual needs and unique client presentations, the TPS will work tirelessly to ensure each client finds the best program fit that reflects that presentation. Working with the TPS goes one step further than just diagnosis. The geo, spiritual, financial, emotional, mental, and physical states of the client helps the TPS create a client profile that will help them determine which program will best best suited to that client. We work with programs across the country, that conduct evidence-based, clinically driven treatment inside and outside of Acadia’s formal network.

Continuing Care Planning and Assistance

Our free services for the client we work with expand the time they spend in residential treatment or in a stepdown program. We know that the road to recovery is a lifelong journey and finding the right aftercare program is just as important as the decision for residential or IOP/PHP care. Therefore, the dedicated TPS team stays connected to the client all the way through to ongoing care. Upon discharge the TPS will help coordinate the right fit for a stepdown program. We want clients to feel equipped with the resources needed to transition out of a higher level of care back to the life they want for themselves. Should deemed clinically appropriate, the TPS team will work with the original referent to ensure the feel included in this process.

There are a lot of factors and moving parts with what is in the best interest of the patient so it’s so helpful to have that partner to figure out where we need to go.

– Kathleen Mills, LPC-S, CEAP and
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