Understanding our Team

The Treatment Placement Specialists® team is uniquely comprised of clinical professionals and behavioral health treatment experts who are passionate about seeing individuals in need find the treatment that is best suited to their needs. Just as we go through great lengths to vet the treatment centers we partner with, we ensure each team member resonates with our three pillars:


Our Treatment Placement Specialists team is located across the country so that they can be a true, local resource; understanding the unique needs of their own community. We always provide the utmost professional services with urgency and accuracy so that referents and families can receive a level of service they would not receive seeking treatment on their own.

While the team is strategically placed in various communities so as many lives as possible can be touched by their services, the team is in constant communication on client cases; giving a depth of experience, program knowledge and professional confidence in every placement no matter the ultimate geography.

The TPS team is trained from day one that they do not represent a facility, but rather the needs of the referent and the individual in need.

You can find your local TPS and have a confidential conversation regarding your specific needs on our TPS Locator Map.

Clinical Excellence

The TPS’ dedication to matching clients to programs of clinical excellence begins with the first call and is woven all the way through to continuing care. We are a blend of clinically-credentialed professionals as well as behavioral health professionals who understand the importance of being service-oriented.

Not only do we ensure our team is service-oriented, we only work with facilities who strive for this level of clinical and service excellence. We will only refer a client to a facility that one of our Treatment Placement Specialists® team member has personally visited and vetted.


Every member of our team understands and has a desire to alleviate the mental health and addiction crisis we are facing in our country. We understand to do this, the behavioral health industry cannot provide cookie-cutter treatment programs and that appropriate placements must be conducted through an in-depth process of truly understanding not just the client’s diagnoses, but who hey are beneath their current crisis. Therefore, we have developed a thorough process that allows our team to ask the right questions that can uncover the best treatment options for that specific individual. Since we are not tied to a specific treatment center, we have the freedom to impartially develop a client profile that leads to the right program.