Outdoor Adventure Therapy Patient Referrals

As part of our unwavering commitment to work in collaboration with professionals and clients, the Treatment Placement Specialists® (TPS) team has a network of treatment centers that offer specialized programming to meet the needs of various populations. Many of these treatment centers offer unique options for care that go beyond the realm of traditional therapeutic interventions. One such example of this is outdoor adventure-based treatment.

What is Outdoor Therapy?

What is Outdoor Adventure Therapy?

Outdoor adventure-based treatment is a unique treatment opportunity most commonly designed for adolescents, teenagers, and young adults. It combines the healing power of the wilderness with evidence-based therapeutic interventions to form a remarkably transformative experience for all who engage. It can also serve to promote a sense of confidence and achievement as individuals work towards overcoming substance abuse problems, behavioral issues, and/or symptoms of various mental health concerns.

Using a holistic approach to treatment, outdoor adventure-based treatment allows participants to achieve healing of the mind, body, and spirit as they take part in a number of recreational activities, wilderness expeditions, and experiential therapies. These experiences are combined with more traditional therapeutic interventions, including, but not limited to, individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. In programs that are designed to treat addictions, the 12-Step model of recovery is also often incorporated into the overall therapeutic milieu. Furthermore, participation in outdoor adventure-based treatment also gives individuals the opportunity to learn and practice daily living skills as well as survival skills. The culmination of such treatment results in a life-changing experience that elicits lasting recovery.

Tailored, Individualized Care

Determining if Adventure-Based Therapy is the Best Fit for the Client

The Treatment Placement Specialists® work as advisors to ensure that every individual in need finds the most appropriate program for properly addressing his or her concerns. Whether they are working with professionals who are looking to refer patients, or are working directly with individuals who are in need of care, the TPS team will work diligently to consider all available information regarding the person’s needs and offer education that can lead to informed decision-making.

After obtaining pertinent information, the TPS team will be able to determine if outdoor adventure-based treatment would be a positive consideration for the individual in need. If this type of treatment is deemed appropriate, the TPS team member will work with either the professional or the person who is seeking care to ensure that the individual is connected with the program that best meets his or her needs and objectives.