Eating Disorder Treatment Options

If you are a healthcare professional whose patients are in need of comprehensive, quality treatment for eating disorders and other mental health concerns, Acadia Healthcare’s national team of Treatment Placement Specialists® (TPS) can help. Our staff can collaborate with you to ensure the most appropriate placement for your patients.

Unique Needs for ED Clients

Understanding the Unique Needs of Clients Struggling with Eating Disorders

The TPS team understands the unique needs of patients who are struggling with symptoms of bulimia, anorexia, and other eating disorders. Our extensive knowledge and experience in this area helps us work with a variety of clinicians and healthcare professionals to put patients on the road to success in recovery.

Initially, patients with eating disorders may require intensive, around-the-clock care in a residential setting. This type of programming allows individuals to leave the stress of daily life behind, and instead focus on learning new healthy habits that will assist them as they work towards long-term healing. Over time, these patients are typically able to step down to other levels of community-based outpatient care as they gain strength and build autonomy.

At all levels, comprehensive eating disorder treatment addresses a treatment approach that is multi-dimensional.

Healing the Mind

Healing the Mind through Eating Disorder Treatment

Successfully treating eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia requires a well-rounded approach to healing that addresses the ways that symptoms can manifest uniquely in each person. These concerns affect the mind, body, and spirit of all patients differently, and in order for treatment to be effective, a variety of therapies and interventions must be used.

TPS can help you find the center or hospital that offers the exact form of programming your patients need to heal. Our network consists of facilities that offer individual, group, family, and experiential therapies that uncover the underlying causes of eating disorders, and expose faulty thought patterns, triggers, and negative beliefs.

Conducted in a safe and confidential setting, these therapies are designed to assist patients in developing the coping skills and strengths they’ll need both in treatment and throughout their lives.

Healing the Body

Healing the Body Through Eating Disorder Treatment

Patients who suffer from eating disorders often have complicated relationships with food and with their bodies. And while the therapies described above can help patients tackle the mental and emotional aspects of eating disorders, other supports are needed to address the physical effects of this type of disease.

TPS can connect you and your patients with treatment programs that staff dietitians, medical professionals, exercise professionals, and other health experts who understand the complexities involved with treating eating disorders.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Care Coordination

Once your patient completes their time in an intensive or residential treatment setting, they will likely transition into a lower level of care. From partial hospitalization programming (PHP) to intensive outpatient programming (IOP) and other forms of community-based care, many types of programs are available for individuals struggling with eating disorders.

No matter your patients’ needs, TPS is committed to assisting you in finding the placement for them that will produce the best outcome possible. Our broad network allows us to find the right level and type of care for every patient as they work towards overcoming their eating disorders and living healthier, happier lives.

If you have a patient in your care who you feel could benefit from comprehensive eating disorder treatment, and you would like assistance in finding the most appropriate center for meeting their needs, feel free to contact the TPS team at any time.