Drug & Alcohol Detox Treatment Guidance

The Treatment Placement Specialists® (TPS) team exists to simplify, expedite & give confidence to the referral process for professionals who are searching for detox services for patients or clients currently under their care. With one call to a TPS representative, a referring professional can receive information about several programs that provide the type and level of care that best meet the client or patient’s treatment needs, financial capabilities, geographical preferences, and other criteria.

The Importance of Detox

Why does someone need to detox from substance before entering treatment?

When an individual has been incapable of ridding his or her body of the substance or substances that he or she has been abusing, he or she will be incapable of engaging in the therapeutic services that can put him or her on the path of long-term recovery. In such cases, TPS representatives can connect referring professionals with treatment centers that include a detoxification program.

Both as a standalone service and when incorporated into a comprehensive program, detox can be a life-changing experience that can significantly improve a person’s ability to overcome his or her dependence upon alcohol, opioids, and other substances of abuse.

Clinical Detox

Why is it important to detox under professional care

To an individual who has become dependent on alcohol or other drugs, the physical and psychological pain of withdrawal can be a daunting barrier to recovery. When a person attempts to end his or her drug abuse without professional assistance, the intense cravings, painful and potentially dangerous physical symptoms, and psychological distress can quickly derail even the most dedicated effort. This failure can drive a person even deeper into substance abuse, and can preclude the individual from making future attempts to end this self-defeating behavior.

Medically Monitored Detox

What is Medically Monitored Detox?

A medically monitored detox program can help an individual to get through the difficult withdrawal experience with minimal risk and maximum comfort. Though the specifics of each detox program will vary depending upon the program’s policies and practices, the following are among the general criteria that apply to detox programs within the TPS referral network:

  • Detox occurs in a safe and supervised environment.
  • The personnel who staff medically monitored detox programs have both the training and the experience to ensure that participants remain safe throughout the process, and do not become dangers to themselves or others.
  • Detox participants will not have access to substances of abuse, which prevents them from relapsing as a means of ending the temporary distress of withdrawal.
  • Detox programs may prescribe certain medications that ease the physical and/or psychological discomfort that may occur.
  • Individuals who are in the process of completing detox may be able to begin to participate in individual therapy, group therapy, or other such activities that are designed to help them develop the skills and strategies that will support long-term recovery.
  • When an individual completes detox, he or she can transition directly into a residential or outpatient program, which ensures continuity of care and reduces the risk of immediate relapse.