Our Mental Health & Drug Addiction Treatment Philosophy for Emerging Adults & College Students

The Treatment Placement Specialists® team, an initiative of Acadia Healthcare, is honored to partner with university and college leaders across the country. Together, we seek to encourage a culture of wellness on campuses and among emerging adults.

Working with Emerging Adults

Treatment options for emerging adults & students

As Treatment Placement Specialists®, it is our honor and passion to serve the emerging and young adult population. We recognize that for some in this population, the choice has been to live life on their own terms rather than living life on life’s terms. It is our goal to work with these emerging adults and through treatment, correct and heal the underlying issues causing this negative behavior.

For so many emerging adults, the external issues such as substance abuse, chemical dependency, and defiance are the symptoms, not the disease. As TPS and higher education recovery coordinators, we align ourselves with treatment programs that are redefining behavioral health and truly treating the root causes of mental health issues and drug and alcohol misuse and addiction. We partner with many programs that offer exclusive treatment programs or tracks for emerging adults that are designed to treat co-occurring diagnoses.

Serving Families

Providing a full continuum of care for families

So many of the families we work with feel like they are isolated in their situation. We want you to know you are not alone in this feeling and your frustrations are heard and dignified. We will work with you and your loved one to make sure they are placed at a treatment center that is qualified to holistically care for patients with co-occurring issues.

We also recognize that residential treatment is just one step in the path to healing and that aftercare, when returning to campus life, is instrumental in lasting recovery. Our Treatment Placement Specialists® team, including the higher education recovery coordinator, provides access to a full continuum of care and will walk with you from pre-treatment guidance through continuing care planning. Our network of treatment placement specialists strategically placed across the country is available to provide recommendations and guidance no matter where the patient is located.

To contact Tom Bennett, our higher education recovery coordinator, please call (844) 330-9726.