Our Gold Sponsorship of HECMA

As an initiative of Acadia Healthcare, the Treatment Placement Specialists® team and our higher education recovery coordinator serve as a gold corporate sponsor to the Higher Education Case Managers Association (HECMA).

After a careful vetting process to ensure we meet the standards, mission, goals, and ethics of HECMA, our team was the first corporate sponsor. We work in collaboration with HECMA to raise awareness for mental health initiatives and provide care for emerging adults in need of behavioral health treatment.

By sponsoring HECMA, we have become a strategic partner with the institution of higher education, its community, students, and their families in order to become an off-campus resource for a range of treatment services, particularly if the student withdraws from classes altogether. Our affiliation with HECMA allows us to collaborate with an association that shares our vision to promote and improve the good health and overall well-being of emerging adults and all of the people we serve.