How We Work with Universities & Higher Education Leadership

Who We Are

As part of the Treatment Placement Specialists® team, the higher education recovery coordinator is dedicated to providing access and treatment guidance to emerging adults. By being a resource for colleges and universities and through our corporate sponsorship of HECMA, we act as an off-campus extension of case management services and collaborate with higher education entities on mental health initiatives and cases of substance abuse disorder among emerging adults.

Tom Bennett has been a valued and trusted resource for me for several years in my role supporting students. I work with many students who are struggling with mental illness or addiction, often requiring them to take time away from their studies; Tom is my go-to resource for connecting these students with programs and treatment facilities to address their needs. I never hesitate in connecting a student or family with Tom as I am confident he will provide compassionate and knowledgeable support to a vulnerable population. I am very thankful to have Tom as a resource.

– Amy (Dean of Students Office)

How Can We Serve You & Your Students?

Mental Health Campus Initiative Consultation

Our higher education recovery coordinator works collaboratively with campus leadership to establish what a culture of wellness should look like on a campus. Together our teams can execute behavioral health initiatives that create a positive conversation around mental health concerns, the effects of trauma, eating disorders, and substance abuse disorders among emerging adults on college campuses.

Treatment Guidance for Emerging Adults

As an extension of campus case managers, our higher education recovery coordinator will work alongside you and the emerging adult in need to provide treatment guidance. The treatment options provided are always tailored to that of the needs of the emerging adult in need of mental health or substance abuse treatment as well as the needs of their family.

Vetting Programs

So that families and emerging adults can feel confident in the programs they are choosing to work with, we will only refer students and emerging adults to programs that a member of our Treatment Placement Specialists team has personally vetted. We ask thorough questions to ensure program competence and determine that the facility is ethical and clinically-sound.

Access to a Nationwide Network of Trusted Programs

As an initiative of the largest behavioral healthcare company in the world, the Treatment Placement Specialists® (TPS) team has access to the largest amount of ethical, clinically driven programs across the country. Many of these treatment centers have programming designed for the emerging adult and can address their specific needs as they find recovery from mental health concerns and substance abuse. Our higher education recovery coordinator works alongside campus case managers and families to connect individuals to these programs.

Continuing Care Planning and Assistance

We realize residential or stepdown care is just the first step to finding a life of recovery. Therefore, our team works with higher education entities and emerging adults to identify the appropriate ongoing care needed for each individual so they can return to a life of sobriety and recovery. We work with each individual to obtain the goals they have for themselves so they can reach the highest quality of life.