Our Partnership with the FBINAA and the Officer Safety & Wellness Committee (OSW)

The Treatment Placement Specialists® team is proud to be a partner of the FBINAA. Together, we seek to increase awareness and treatment of behavioral health issues among law enforcement, and create a culture of wellness for our men and women acting as first responders and serving our communities.

Our Partnership

History of our FBINAA Partnership

After a careful vetting process, in 2016 Acadia became the select provider of behavioral healthcare & addiction treatment services to the FBINAA. With Acadia’s mission of providing a standard of excellence in the treatment of specialty behavioral health and addiction disorders and the FBINAA’s members’ need for specialty treatment, the relationship between the Treatment Placement Specialists® and the FBINAA was born.

Through our relationship with the FBINAA, each member of the Treatment Placement Specialists® team has been trained on triaging calls and placing first responders in the appropriate facilities.

The FBINAA's Officer Safety & Wellness Committee

Our work with the FBINAA’s Officer Safety & Wellness (OSW) Committee

As an extension to our sponsorship of the FBINAA, the Treatment Placement Specialists® team also partners with the Office Safety & Wellness (OSW) committee. The OSW is a committee charged by the FBINAA to change the mindset regarding mental health and wellness among law enforcement that impacts officer wellbeing and performance. To do this, the FBINAA conducts resilience trainings for police leadership to equip them with the knowledge of how to discuss, among the members of their organizations, mental health issues and substance abuse caused by trauma experienced in the field. The Treatment Placement Specialists® team is proud to be a part of this training team and to help the FBINAA carry out its mission of behavioral health safety and wellness among first responders.

Life-Changing Care and Officer Hotline

Offering life-changing care to first responders and a 24/7 hotline

Since then, our TPS team has helped to place police officers & first responders across the country into life-changing treatment programs conducted close to 100 trainings, and set up a 24/7 hotline for the FBNINAA members and affiliates to access confidential mental health and substance abuse assessments.