About the Officer Safety and Wellness Committee (OSW)

The FBINAA Officer Safety & Wellness Team was created to increase awareness and provide resources that agencies can use to develop, as well as build resiliency, and to develop solutions to the systemic concerns about the wellness of our officers and their families.

Our Work with TPS

When our association’s members, peers, command executives, and/or our agencies need to reach out for professional assistance,  Treatment Placement Specialists®, and initiative of Acadia Healthcare is there to help as vital and important members of our team. Through their dedicated employees, significant resources have been deployed, and more resource are standing by, ready to help our officers and family members in crisis around the country.

  • Develop a personal monthly budget
  • Identify areas to reduce expenses
  • Visualize and write down goals for retirement
  • Seek professional help for debt reduction and/or managing retirement funds

OSW Vision Statement

All law enforcement agencies can develop, foster, and sanction a culture of resiliency to maintain overall good health for all employees.

OSW Mission Statement

To facilitate the development, organization, and delivery of training, resources, and appropriate services that assist agencies in the development and maintenance of an organizational culture that supports resiliency for all employees.  The team emphasizes holistic health in all aspects of the employees’ lives including spiritual, moral, psychological, physical, professional, societal, legal, and financial.