First Responders & Law Enforcement Treatment and Training

Who We Are

As an initiative of Acadia Healthcare, the largest behavioral health company in the world, and as the sole provider of behavioral health services to the FBINA, the Treatment Placement Specialists® team helps police leadership and officers navigate the treatment landscape with confidentiality, efficiency, and confidence. At no cost, we offer informed treatment guidance that reflects the individualized needs of officers; helping them find ethical, clinically sound treatment centers, consulting on admissions, and staying with them through to ongoing care.

The partnership I share with Acadia Healthcare has been amazing! We have worked together to change lives AND to save lives. Their passion is incredible and their commitment is unwavering. Acadia Healthcare is protecting the first responders who are protecting America!

– Paul Butler, Keynote Speaker & Master of Ceremonies – FBI National Academy Associates

How can we help?

The Importance of Confidentiality

We understand the importance of confidentiality in any case of mental health concerns or substance abuse. We understand this to be particularly true of those in the law enforcement and first responders community. We work solely with the individual in need, as well as their family should they choose, to help navigate the treatment landscape. We ensure with highest priority that our process is 100% HIPAA compliant to protect the privacy and career of the individual.

Working with the TPS Team

If you or one of your fellow officers or agents is in need, guidance is one phone call away. Our public safety liaison is available to you and will stay with you through the entire process. Once you call him, he will then connect you with the appropriate Treatment Placement Specialist based on geography, who is trained to triage law enforcement and public safety cases. In collaboration with the individual in need and their family if requested by the individual, our team will find the most appropriate level of care and therapist or treatment center who can meet the specific needs of that client. We are with you through the whole process; from the initial phone call, through to ongoing care.

Vetting Programs for Confident Placement

As the TPS team, we exist to not only guide individuals in navigating treatment options that are a fit for their individual needs, but to ensure that the treatment options presented are ethical and clinically sound. Our team will never refer to a treatment center that has not been personally visited and vetted by one of our TPS team members located across the country. This is true for all levels of care including residential, stepdown such as IOP and PHP, and local outpatient services.

Admissions Streamlined

The TPS team is well-versed in the admissions process for treatment and works as an extension of the admissions team. Along with the admissions directors from facilities, we work alongside the individual to help answer questions regarding insurance and to mitigate any financial surprises that may arise. We advocate on behalf of every individual to meet their needs, including their financial presentation.

Continuing Care Planning and Return to Work Plans

We know the courageous act of going to treatment for mental health concerns or substance abuse is just the first step in a life-long journey of recovery. Therefore, the TPS team stays with the individual in need through the whole process, including aftercare planning. We work with the clinical staff at the facility to set up an ongoing care plan before leaving treatment and that the right resources are lined up for aftercare. When deemed appropriate, we also help the individual with the resources they need to re-enter their community and police group.

A Message From Barry Thomas

Former President of the FBI National Academy Associates

The FBI National Academy Associates’ Executive Board is committed to the emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of the public safety workforce.

As leaders in the law enforcement profession, we recognize that our people are our greatest asset and we are responsible for creating a climate that helps keep them healthy and resilient. Our Officer Safety and Wellness Team is dedicated to promoting awareness surrounding the difficulties of the profession, inspiring conversations that minimize the stigma that the suffering law enforcement officer may feel and to providing solutions for agencies, individuals or family members that find themselves dealing with a personal crises. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for all that dedicate themselves to protecting and serving others.

Our Mission

To save the lives, families, and careers of peace officers around the globe