Designing Your Treatment Program Portfolio

The Treatment Placement Specialists® team, an initiative of Acadia Healthcare, is honored to partner with employee assistance and labor assistance professionals. Together, we help these groups customize treatment portfolios that best suit the needs of their unique workforce.

Programs Suited to Your Needs

Acadia’s team of local Treatment Placement Specialists® (TPSs) are geographically distributed throughout the U.S. and the UK to support portfolio clients and their staff at the local level. The TPS team is comprised of knowledgeable professionals with diverse healthcare experience. The TPS facilitates the assessment and placement process, whether at an Acadia program or at another resource if it is better suited to the client’s needs.

Identifying Local Resources

Once a Custom Portfolio has been fully developed to the client’s satisfaction, SAMs identify appropriate TPS partners to act as local resources for portfolio clients. They assist in finding the most beneficial program, in fast-tracking referrals, and in identifying appropriate continuing care resources.