Benefits to Portfolio Clients

Our knowledge and experience helps us to quickly identify treatment needs, determine the most beneficial treatment setting, and guide clients through rapid access to necessary care.

Complimentary Services

All of our services are at no cost

Our strategic account managers provide a benefit analysis across facilities in designing client behavioral health portfolios; our Treatment Placement Specialists provide consultations – all at no cost.

Whenever programs receive a referral from a portfolio client, we provide communications, in keeping with your needs, federal and state confidentiality regulations and releases of information. Examples of the communications we offer include:

  • Notifications of Admission
  • Assessment Findings
  • Treatment Plans 
  • Weekly Progress Reports
  • Utilization & Case Management Reviews 
  • Risk of Program Discharge
  • AMA/ACA Discharge Prevention & Notification
  • Continuing Care Conferences & Plans
  • Return to Work Conferences & Plans
  • Discharge Summaries 

Voluntary self-referrals to portfolio facilities are treated with confidentiality and are managed with the same concierge service that we provide for supervisors and EAPs/LAPs.

Referrals back to appropriate continuing care providers preferred by the portfolio client are a top priority whenever possible. Such referrals are always provided to maintain gains made in treatment and support transitions back home and the workplace, and on to continued recovery.


Benefits to portfolio clients

Portfolio clients benefit from our ability to act rapidly to solve employee and workplace problems, minimize risk, support productivity, maintain a strong talent bench, and protect their investment in their most valuable assets – loyal, engaged, and productive employees.