How We Work With EAPs and Labor Assistance Programs

Who We Are

Our experience and expertise within behavioral healthcare has allowed us to become a beneficial source of information and guidance for organizations such as Employee and Labor Assistance Programs (EAPs and LAPs). Partnering with the TPS team provides significant benefits both to Employee Assistance (EA) and Labor Assistance (LA) professionals and to the companies and labor groups they serve. We provide a dedicated strategic account member to the EAPs and LAPs we work with to help develop customized program portfolios that help them best serve the needs of their unique workforce and the companies they serve.

For More Information on Employee Assistance
EASNA: The Employee Assistance Trade Association
EAPA: International Employee Assistance Professionals Association
No Endorsements Intended or Implied

Acadia purchased a number of facilities that we have contracted with  for many years and the transition took place without a hitch. The quality we expected from our providers continued and communication with facility and Acadia staff is superb. Lawrence (TPS in TX) is our go to guy, if we have any questions or concerns.He is always ready to assist and resolve any issue in a timely fashion. We appreciate working with the professionalism of Acadia staff and look forward to continuing the relationship for the benefit of our members and their families.

– Richard Hesenflow, Founder of Beat It EAP

How can we help?

Complimentary Services

All of our services to employers, LA and EA professionals, and individuals is at no cost. As an initiative and service offering of the largest behavioral health company in the world, it is our mission to ensure all individuals in need of mental health or substance abuse treatment have the resources they need to find a life of recovery.

Customized Portfolios

Depending upon common needs or criteria for EA and LA client organizations and the individuals served by a particular EAP or LAP, the TPS team’s strategic relationship managers (SAMS) develop a customized portfolio of programs and other treatment resources to ensure that EA and LA professionals have the information they need to best serve both their customers and members

Time Saved & Confidence Gained

For the EA/LA professionals, the TPS team is an efficient and effective source of focused information. With one phone call, an EA/LA professional can receive a curated list of mental health and substance abuse treatment programs that have been selected according to the criteria provided, without having to devote hours or even days to conduct research and contact specific programs. The Treatment Placement Specialists® team is dedicated to helping  professional service groups find the level and type of care that best reflects the demographics they serve. We want these professionals to feel confident in the resources they are offering their workforce.

Access to a Nationwide Network of Trusted Programs

The employees and covered dependents who are served by the EAP/LAP will receive detailed information on a variety of programs that are best suited to address their specific healthcare needs while also meeting their geographical and financial criteria as well as any other preferences or requirements they have. The Treatment Placement Specialists® team works with ethical, clinically driven programs across the country and can provide treatment guidance at the local and national level.