Overcoming Holiday Objections to Treatment

We understand the holidays can be a time filled with objections from families and patients to seek needed treatment. As your partner in informed treatment guidance, we wanted to take a moment to help equip you with ways to overcome these hesitations that prevent your patients from receiving the care they need.

Below are common, valid concerns, as well as sensitive ways to approach them:

  • Finances: Many deductibles have mostly been met so December can be a great time to act and lighten the load of financial concerns.
  • Missing the Holidays: Compassionately remind the family how difficult Thanksgiving was with their loved one sick due to addiction or mental health concerns. Provide the hope that acting now will make future holidays better for the whole family.
  • Missing School: Many students have a few weeks break and treatment would not interfere with their education. School also seemed to be an unhealthy environment for them and treatment would be a safe haven from triggers.
  • Rehab Center Availability: Many rehab facilities have a slower census over the holidays which would allow staff to give a client even more dedicated attention.

As your trusted partner, it is our privilege to be on mission with you in removing the barriers that can stop families & individuals from finding lasting recovery and healing. At all times and especially during this holiday season, we appreciate you trusting us with your cases, and we look forward to being a resource for you in any way we can.