How We Work With Professionals

Treatment Placement Specialists® (TPS), an initiative and service offering of Acadia Healthcare to equip behavioral healthcare professionals with all of the information they need to make the most appropriate referral. We want all individuals to have access to the beneficial services they need to address mental health concerns, substance abuse, eating disorders, chronic pain, and trauma-based disorders.

Who We Work With

We Work with a Myriad of Behavioral Health Professionals

Part of fulfilling this initiative includes collaborating with a myriad of professionals to help identify the treatment options that can improve their patients’ overall quality of life. The TPS team is fully dedicated to helping the following types of professionals in such circumstances

  • Addiction specialists
  • Clinicians
  • Employee assistance programs (EAPs)
  • Employers seeking treatment for employees
  • Hospital and discharge planners
  • Patient advocates
  • Psychiatrists
  • Physicians
  • Professional groups
  • Psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Therapists
  • Other mental health or medical professionals

Our Services & Benefits

Benefits to Behavioral Healthcare Professionals from Working with Us

When accessing the complimentary services available through the TPS team, the above professionals can benefit from the following:

  • Professionals can describe the symptoms and functioning level of the individuals who they feel are in need of treatment. The TPS team member with whom the professional is talking to can work in collaboration with the professional to determine the person’s treatment needs and discuss the level or levels of care that may be most appropriate for caring for those needs.
  • TPS can inform professionals of the options for care that are available. Given the large network of treatment providers that the TPS team has access to, it is highly likely that an appropriate treatment program can be located after careful consideration of the individual’s needs.
  • In-depth information for selected treatment centers can be provided to professionals if they would like to learn more about a particular program or programs.
  • TPS team members can explain the process of admissions to professionals and can explain how the patient can be linked to a particular treatment provider.
  • Contact information for the given patient can be taken so that the TPS team member can reach out to the individual to discuss treatment and the options available.

A True Partnership

How We Partner with Behavioral Health Professionals

Additionally, the professionals who contact Acadia’s TPS for assistance are provided with the support they need as they act as their patients’ advocates. Understanding that many professionals in the fields of mental health and addiction need their own support as they help individuals get the care they need, each member of the TPS team is committed to guiding professionals as they navigate the process of seeking treatment on behalf of another. Furthermore, professionals are supplied with the appropriate referrals they need should the TPS team not be able to locate a treatment provider within their network of programs that addresses the concerns of the patient in question.

If you are a professional who has identified an individual who is in need of a level of care or a type of service that you or your treatment center is unable to offer, do not hesitate to contact Acadia Healthcare’s national team of Treatment Placement Specialists. This dynamic team of healthcare experts is ready, willing, and able to work with you to help people within your community access the care they need to live more fulfilling, healthier, and more satisfying lives. Call today.