Mission & Philosophy

Treatment Placement Specialists® is an initiative and service offering to assist professional referrals in placing patients into the most appropriate residential or stepdown program. We are client-centered in all we do.

Our Mission

As Acadia Healthcare’s national team of Treatment Placement Specialists® (TPS), we are steadfast in our mission to help those in need get the best possible treatment experience that will address their concerns. We do this by asking the right questions so that we can obtain the most appropriate information necessary for finding the most beneficial care for those in need.

Our Philosophy

As Treatment Placement Specialists®, our philosophy begins with an appreciation for the people with whom we work, and our authentic wish to help them heal. We know that people who are seeking treatment undoubtedly feel lost in one way or another, uncertain about what the future holds and confused about where they should be looking for answers. Without having words to accurately describe what is wrong, many individuals feel hopeless in their search for solutions. We are dedicated to taking away this sense of hopelessness and, instead, instilling a sense of confidence in knowing that the care they need is available to them.

Serving Professionals

When working with professionals, we recognize that they have the knowledge and wherewithal to find appropriate treatment interventions for their clients outside of the care that they offer. However, we also recognize that they have many patients to treat, so we strive to help them easily find access to various care options through a collaborative process. We work closely with our professional clients in order to ensure that we understand the needs of their patients so that we can find them the care that will be of most benefit to them.

Our compassion and diverse collection of healthcare experience allow us to serve as an asset to both our professional clients and those who are in need of care, and we remain dedicated to our mission.