How We Approach Patient Continuing Care

The Treatment Placement Specialists® (TPS)  team’s mission is to connect individuals to the services that will enable them to live healthier and more satisfying lives. Therefore, our dedicated professionals are also committed to ensuring that those who utilize TPS services remain successful in their healing and recovery journeys beyond residential care.

Our Process

Our Process for Supporting Continuing Care

At first contact, the TPS team asks the right questions, gathers the necessary information and feedback, and determines the treatment options that can help men, women, and young people engage in the types of care that can allow them to overcome mental health concerns, behavioral issues, and substance use problems. Attention to and careful consideration for each individual’s needs are cornerstone TPS services, and this same level of dedication remains even after an individual completes treatment at his or her chosen treatment program. Because maintaining healthy recovery rarely stops once a person finishes treatment, the TPS team remains in contact with and works alongside both referring professionals and clients even after linking people to services and once they have completed care.

Participation in a comprehensive treatment program is a beneficial first step towards achieving one’s goals with regards to improving one’s mental and physical health. However, by partaking in follow-up services that complement what was gained while in treatment, an individual can set the stage for long-term improved health. At this phase of a person’s recovery journey, the TPS team can assist individuals and referring professionals in determining and then locating the continuing care options that can benefit clients the most.

Most, if not all, of the treatment programs within the TPS network of providers devise thorough discharge plans for individuals that detail the follow-up options for care that will allow them to sustain and build upon the skills and progress gained while in treatment. The TPS team is able to touch base with treatment centers and individuals to ensure that clients have well-rounded discharge plans and to provide referrals and resources that can benefit them while they engage in recommended follow-up services.

Continuing Care Options

Treatment Options for Aftercare

Among the various types of referrals and resources that Acadia’s TPS team can provide individuals, the following are those that can be offered as options for continuing care:

  • Partial hospitalization programming options (PHP)
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOP)
  • Outpatient services with a mental health professional
  • Outpatient services with an addiction specialist
  • Medication management services with a psychiatrist
  • Medication assisted treatment
  • Specialty services
  • Community support groups, such as AA or NA

The TPS team is also dedicated to locating the continuing care options that present with as few barriers as possible so that individuals are more inclined to remain committed to their own recovery and healing. Financial status, transportation capabilities, and level of day-to-day support are all taken into consideration when formulating recommendations for clients.

Furthermore, with the client’s consent, the TPS team can follow-up with the original referring professional to prepare for the client’s return back into his or her care. Additionally, TPS team members can also update referring professionals on the status of their clients so that they are aware of the continuing care referrals that their clients received at discharge.

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Acadia Healthcare’s TPS team is prepared to arm individuals and referring professionals with the information, resources, and continuing care options needed to bring about the most favorable treatment outcomes possible. Therefore, if you, someone you know, or a current patient of yours is in need of all-encompassing support and guidance as the process of seeking and engaging is treatment is navigated, do not hesitate to contact the TPS team at your convenience. The start of a brighter, healthier tomorrow can begin today with just one phone call.