Wen Chi Chen, M.A. LPC, CEO, Zen Institute

What I appreciate about Sonie’s service (TPS in southern Arizona) is that she is very knowledgeable about the treatment we have in this country. You can tell she is passionate about her job. – Wen Chi Chien, M.A. LPC, CEO, Zen Institute

How Did You Navigate Treatment Placements Before Working with Your Local TPS?

Based on a client’s needs, I would do research online and interview intake workers at inpatient or residential treatment centers, and then present the information I gathered to my client.

What Difference Has Your Experience Been working with Your TPS?

We truly view Sonie as an extension of the clinical team. When I started working with Sonie, I was very pleased with her responsiveness. I would contact her and within hours or even minutes, she would respond to talk about the case I currently had. She goes above and beyond for our clients to ensure they are confident in their treatment decision. For example, the last case we worked on together involved high acuity and was a complicated diagnosis.  The client had a lot of fear around going to a treatment center. Sonie came to my office to meet face-to-face with the client and answered questions about inpatient treatment. It helped tremendously because this client had a hard time trusting and it reduced her fear to even consider going for inpatient treatment.

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