Roseanne Olsen, LPC, NCC – Private Practice

“Diane had the resources I needed to reach a client that was either going to die or go to jail without an intervention. He finally admitted that he had a problem and it saved his life. She is an amazing healer.” ­–Roseanne Olsen, LPC, NCC – Private Practice

How did you Navigate the Treatment Placement Landscape Before Working with TPS?

It was difficult and I navigated it very poorly given my schedule and case load. It was like gambling when it came to finding higher levels of care and I never really knew if the particular treatment center I chose was going to be a good fit for my client.

What Has Been Your Experience Working with Your TPS?

I work with Diane Sanders in the greater Denver area and she is an expert at finding the round hole for the round peg. Even with the cases that are complicated due to high acuity, family dynamics, patient history etc, Diane always has the resources within her network to work well with me and find treatment for the client. She has a knack for getting through to clients or their families even when they don’t see their situation as dire – either legally or physically. She does extensive interviews to gain a true understanding of the client history, what has worked for them and what hasn’t, and takes a great deal of time so that the person trusts her. She is able to expand your care and I am able to trust that she will place my clients where it is best for them. Even when I had a case come across my desk where the client lived thousands of miles away, she was able to find treatment across the country due to her national network of other Treatment Placement Specialists.

What Would You Say to Peers Who are Not Working with the TPS Team?

How do you manage? I honestly don’t know what to do without Diane. I’ve never sent her any case that is consistent and she has always been able to come through. Not only does she gain trust with my clients, but she ultimately saves their lives.