Dr. Hugh Humphery, M.D., Psychiatrist

“When I think of other people in the behavioral health industry, my TPS stands out because she does what she says she will do and follows-through. That goes a long way with trust and creating a relationship.”

– Dr. Hugh Humphery, M.D., Psychiatrist

How Did You Navigate Treatment Placements Before Working with Your Local TPS?

Before Kasey, (Treatment Placement Specialist in South Florida), I typically found placement options for my clients through word of mouth.  When I worked with other referents & marketers, I had to believe everything they said was true because I didn’t have the luxury of time to vet the programs myself.

However, when I met Kasey, I decided to give another relationship a try since she said she could also help me place clients based on their diverse issues in a confidential manner.  With Kasey it was different — it’s the honesty, availability, knowledge, and the impartial recommendations she provides that shows me I can trust her. If she doesn’t think an Acadia facility will work for a particular client, she has no problem recommending another program.

I would describe Kasey as personable, engaging, committed to helping others and someone who has a fantastic follow through.

What Difference Has Your Local Treatment Placement Specialist Made to Enhance Your Care?

Working with Kasey allows me in a sense to set my patient placement on auto-pilot and focus on treating my clients in my practice.  From making the referral, pre-admission, throughout the treatment process, and all the way to discharge / ongoing care planning, I give the ball to Kasey to coordinate with the parents and the facility.  She keeps me involved but helps facilitate the overall process.

She always goes the extra step to get me any information I need to make a better clinical decision for my patient. This not only makes my life easier, but greatly enhances the lives of my client and their family – that is super valuable to me.

What Would You Say to Other Practitioners Who are Not Working with their Local TPS?

They should give them a try. Don’t be afraid of letting the TPS take over some of the process. When I gave working with Treatment Placement Specialists® a try, I wasn’t disappointed, and I learned how much easier my life and my client’s lives could be.