Bruce Goldberg, LMSW, CAADC, President of Rivers Bend PC

“I love working with Shannon (TPS in Michigan), it’s been a great experience, and we’ve been able to get so many people help who need it desperately.”

— Bruce Goldberg, LMSW, CAADC, President of Rivers Bend PC

How Did You Navigate Treatment Placements Before Working with Your Local TPS?

It was tough, honestly, because we didn’t ever have a solid rapport with a particular place, and the hard thing as a therapist is, I don’t really have time to do the research. I have caseloads, two IOPs, and I don’t have time to spend hours on the phone.

What Difference Has This Relationship Made in Enhancing Your Care?

It truly is a great partnership and I trust her because she can intelligently speak to the pluses and minuses of the programs she recommends. She’s great at working with the benefits, looking to see where we can get the best length of stay, and the best fit for the client. If she comes back from running the benefits and she has a recommendation for a treatment center that we hadn’t originally considered, I ALWAYS know there is a good reason as to why.

She has helped me grow my practice and I am truly able to offer families and clients resources for all levels of care. When we talk to families, EAPs or other partnerships, we can be honest in saying we have the resources to offer any level of care; whether that’s through us or through our TPS.

It’s attractive to people in our care because she is a native, getting to know the client as a reputable member of the community. She and I aren’t going to put your loved one on a plane if it’s somewhere that we don’t think is quality care and that has not been personally vetted by Shannon or one of her counterparts across the country.

What Would You Say to Other Practitioners Who are Not Working with their Local TPS?

They are crazy not to. You can only be good at so many things and none of us are good at everything. Many of my colleagues are stressing out for reasons they don’t have to. This is a group that follows through with doing what they say they are going to and can truly make your life so much easier.

Bruce Goldberg, LMSW, CAADC, President of Rivers Bend PC