Jen Erbe Leggett, LICSW, Director of the Leggett Group LLC

“My local Treatment Placement Specialist with Acadia Healthcare, Lisa Sarno, always works in the best interest of the patient. It proves to me that any patient will go where they need to go, even if it’s outside of Acadia’s formal network — and that means a lot to me.”

– Jen Erbe Leggett, LICSW, Director of the Leggett Group LLC

How Did You Navigate Treatment Placements Before Working with Your Local TPS?

Before I started working with Lisa, I made referrals and completed placement plans, but I was just sort of winging it. I would look at websites, and learn what I could, but I was not always sure the program or a group, or any adjunctive service I was referring to was the best choice for the patient. Navigating the system can be difficult and sometimes it just felt like I came up short, which is not terrific for patient care.

What Difference Has Your Local Treatment Placement Specialist Made to Enhance Your Care?

Someone I trust introduced me to her, and they knew I needed a contact who had really educated referral information. From the start, she really listened to the problems I had in my practice with confidently utilizing local adjunctive services or referring to higher levels of care.

The very first help she gave me wasn’t even regarding patient placement, it was the specifics about 12-step groups in Boston. To this day, I can text her about a patient and if they have hesitancies towards AA.., and she will tell me which group my client should attend based on their needs.

By being a resource for me, she has also introduced me to a lot of like-minded, high-caliber clinicians which has helped me create a community of adjunctive services for my patients. Working with my TPS hasn’t always been about higher levels of care placement, which she does a tremendous job at, but it has been about consistently showing me her expertise on the ground level and helping me provide better patient care.

What Would You Say to Other Practitioners Who are Not Working with their Local TPS?

Your clinical life could be so much easier if you developed a relationship with your local Treatment Placement Specialist, especially when they are as clinically astute and professional as Lisa. I really feel like she’s a partner, going to great lengths to get our patients exactly what they need.

I think people are always suspicious of marketers, especially in the mental health field because we desperately want to be ethical in our practices. With Lisa it’s different. I trust her to tell me the truth about things, not what a “marketer” would say. She truly is a trusted and valued colleague, who enhances the services we offer.