How We Work with Human Resources Professionals

Our experience and expertise in the specialized field of behavioral healthcare enables us to serve as an essential source of information and guidance for employers, benefits designers/managers and employee/labor assistance professionals throughout the United States, the United Kingdom and the Caribbean.

The goal of Acadia Healthcare’s Treatment Placement Specialist (TPS) Team is to ensure that individuals and families are connected with mental health and substance use disorder treatment services that best meet their specific needs.

When an employee exhibits symptoms of a mental health or substance use disorder or other behavioral health issue, the appropriate Human Resource person or their designee can contact the company’s dedicated TPS to receive detailed treatment recommendations specially developed for that specific employee.

Benefits of Working with Treatment Placement Specialists Team

Partnering with the TPS Team provides valuable benefits to employers, HR departments and the employees that they support:

  • Employers and HR professionals who partner with the TPS Team’s Strategic Relationship Managers have an efficient and effective means of accessing targeted treatment information. Beginning with a single phone call to the TPS team, an Employer can develop a customized portfolio of behavioral health treatment providers that meet their specific criteria, without having to devote hours or even days to researching treatment options and contacting providers.
  • Employees who are supported by an organization partnered with Acadia’s Strategic Relationship Managers and Treatment Placement Specialists benefit by receiving detailed information on a number of programs that have been evaluated and selected based upon their ability to meet the employee’s healthcare needs, geographic preferences, budget requirements, and all other criteria important to the employee.

In short, when an organization partners with the Treatment Placement Specialist Team, the company and its staff are empowered to make the most productive use of their time while ensuring that the employees and their covered dependents receive expertly curated care that will help them to live healthier and more productive lives at home and at work. Best of all, Treatment Placement Specialist Services are provided at no cost to the company or the employee and covered dependents who needs care.

How the Program Works

Accessing Treatment Placement Specialist services is as simple as making a phone call. The Team’s Strategic Relationship Manager will work with the HR or EAP professional to identify:

  1. A Customized Portfolio of treatment programs to meet the company’s behavioral health needs and
  2. Local Treatment Placement Specialist(s) to assist with day to day referrals.

When an HR professional or a company’s internal or external EAP needs recommendations for treatment services (which can range from an appointment for outpatient therapy to admission to long-term inpatient or residential programming), he or she simply needs to call their local Treatment Placement Specialist.

During that initial placement call, the caller will be asked to provide some basic information, such as:

  • The gender and age of the employee or covered family member who needs treatment
  • The nature and scope of the problem or problems that the person is experiencing
  • The preferred type of  treatment and level of care (for example, does the person need inpatient, residential, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, traditional outpatient services such as counseling or therapy, or a sober living environment)
  • Geographical preferences (can the person travel to best  meet treatment needs or should the TPS team identify only programs within a specific area)
  • Insurance information and other financial considerations

Once this and any other pertinent information is provided, the TPS identifies the optimal treatment options for the employee. Depending upon the preference of the HR professional or EAP, the TPS can either provide the treatment recommendations to the professional or they can communicate directly with the employee, the covered family member or concerned others as appropriate.

If the HR professional, EAP or the employee requests additional details or has any questions about any part of the treatment process, the TPS representative working on the referral will provide all necessary information in the preferred manner.

Added Benefits of Partnering with a Local Treatment Placement Specialist

Human Resource departments and EAP/LAPs have a broad scope of responsibilities, and most have considerable demands placed on their time. When a problem arises involving an employee needing professional help for a behavioral health issue, it can be extremely challenging to identify optimal solutions with the speed and accuracy that the situation demands.

In such a case, the companies and EAPs/LAPs who partner with Acadia Healthcare’s TPS Team have the resources that they need to provide focused recommendations quickly and accurately.

TPS services identify a wide range of options, from outpatient treatment providers through comprehensive inpatient or residential programs. Depending upon the needs of the individual and the preferences of the referent, the TPS:

  1. Clarifies clinical appropriateness for selected programs
  2. Verifies insurance benefits,
  3. Determines an appointment and bed availability
  4. Manages the many details involved in connecting the employee or family member to care and
  5. Works with treatment facilities on the Continuing Care Plan, aligned with the employee’s and organization’s needs and preferences

In short, Acadia Healthcare’s Treatment Placement Specialist Team provides employers and their EAPs with a more efficient and effective means of identifying and providing the information that will best serve the employee’s needs, all while freeing HR and EA professionals to make the most productive use of their time to support the employee and tend to other essential matters.

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For more information about coordinating services between Acadia Healthcare’s Treatment Placement Specialist Team and your company, or, for additional details about any aspect of the TPS program, please don’t wait – contact us at your earliest convenience. A knowledgeable and friendly member of our team will be happy to answer your questions and discuss the many ways that a partnership with Acadia Healthcare and the TPS Team can benefit your organization.